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work from Home Sales Professionals

  1. How do I become a Jamaica Direct Sales proffessional

    You can become a work from home sales professional by applying right here on jamaicadirect.webs.com . we will review your application and arrange training as soon as training fees are paid.

  2. Are there any start up costs?

    No. There is no start up cost,However you will have to attend training classes to gain the neccesary knowledge and skills needed to become a sucessful sales representative.

  3. Is there any special equipment I may need before I start?

    Yes. sales representatives will need atleast a smartphone a laptop or tablet can also be used.

  4. Do you provide Training

    Yes.We provide  training at our office however prior sales experience in outbound telemarkting sales, customer service, email marketing would be an asset.

  5. Do I have to Pay for training

    yes each applicant will have to pay a mandatory training fee of $2500 or 2 cllasses and promotion material.

  6. How do I get paid

    You are paid by fixed Residual income and commission depending on the products and services you sell. Salaries are transfered directly to your Bank Account or to your prepaid mastercard

  7. DO I have to work from home

    No.All products and serives can be sold offline as well. 

  8. Can I work for more than one company

    Yes you will have to work with all the companies and choose the best ones you are comfortbale represnting

  9. How do i take orders

    each website does all the work for you.You can take orders by filling  an order form or send an email link of the products to your customer. you will also learn all that during training

  10. Do I have to purchase the equipment to do the job?

    In order for us to ensure our client's satisfaction and also to better able you as a sales professional to work more effeciently each sales Professinal MUST have a website.

    TELESALES PROFESIONALS -It is Mandatory that Telesales Professional acquire the Magic Jack and Headset.

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