Jamaica Direct


Services we offer


1.     Website Creation – We  construct  customized websites equipped with PayPal and credit card acceptance, Free Hosting and Google search included. Cost ( Basic site $3000 per month)

2.    Telesales Professionals- Our Certified Sales Professionals will make outbound sales calls in USA,Canada and UK to your sales Leads, existing customers and cold calls to potential customers. They will prospect for new customers while sensitizing them to your products and services. Cost Free (pay per sale)

3.    E-commerce- your products and services sold directly from our site or linked to your own website. Sale professionals seek buyers for you products and services while directing them to our site to purchase. Cost (pay per sale)

4.     E-mail and Social Network Campaigns- Our website automatically shares all yours products and services by email or any social network. Each Sales Professional and Visitor refers our website, showcasing your products and services on face book, Twitter and email contact lists. Cost (Free with package)

5.    Online Chat Assistance, Technical Support- Our Online specialists communicate with Online Customers, take orders or direct customers directly to your website via Jamaica Direct. Free Cost ( Free with basic or gold package)


6.    Customer services –Assigned Service Professionals manage all your inbound business calls. Handle complaints; Take orders, Reservations, and Bookings from your customized international phone number to your business. This allows your Assistant to identify each call and answer in your business name. (Cost $30,000 per month.)


7.    Website links- your Banner placed strategically on our site and linked directly to company’s website. (cost starting at $3000 per month)


8.    US Address- Offer US mailing services to receive mails and ship products to Jamaica. Also can be use as a USA virtual overseas office.


9.    US Phone number - Offer an international phone number to be placed on you website at a very affordable cost ($2000 per month + set up charge)